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What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared Web Hosting providers offer a service which is essentially the opposite to a dedicated web hosting service, where multiple websites exist on a single server and all share the resources such as hard drive space and bandwidth. Obviously, shared web hosting is not ideal for larger businesses but is perfect for those with small websites. If you’re looking for similar online services, consider our Personal Web Hosting or Cheap Web Hosting categories.

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Relentless Hosting

Reviewed by Chris

Andrew and the support team go above and beyond, their support is Exceptional. I have been using Relentlesshosting now f... Read More

Reviewed on 26 May 2019


Reviewed by Cortez from India developers

Whatever I need, whenever I need it, I have absolute confidence Hostnamaste team will take care of it for me. The things... Read More

Reviewed on 23 May 2019

Reviewed by Uwe Baumgaertner

Legionbox services are spot-on, reliability where it should be. I'm a happy customer.Love their work.

Reviewed on 22 May 2019


Reviewed by Marcus

We found exactly what our growing business needed with Glowhost. If you demand rock-solid dependability and the piece of... Read More

Reviewed on 21 May 2019

Host-ed Inc.

Reviewed by Donnie Huseby

Great prices and package deals, too. If you have a one or two sites you may well have many years of happy service with H... Read More

Reviewed on 21 May 2019


Reviewed by Brian James from none

happy with the service so far.

Reviewed on 20 May 2019

Centohost LLC

Reviewed by Hsieh from Video Hosting

If you are looking for the best and most powerful server hosting service, I recommend Centohost web hosting service. My ... Read More

Reviewed on 09 May 2019

Boom Host

Reviewed by Marcelo from Web A.L

I had configured automatic payments to charge the hosting service at the price of $ 6.47, today I see an amount of $ 60 ... Read More

Reviewed on 14 April 2019


Reviewed by Kipling Crossing

Although I don't have much experience in creating websites, it's great that the HB team are always available for questio... Read More

Reviewed on 09 April 2019


Reviewed by Kurban khan

Great uptime with Support.. happy ?? user of

Reviewed on 11 March 2019


Reviewed by wanted from my time

The site is horribly over priced and its terribly not worth the effort. or money. Way too expensive. they charge for wh... Read More

Reviewed on 06 March 2019


Reviewed by Steve Chan

I think HostProto deserve some love here. I have been with HostProto for a while now, even way back before the rebrandin... Read More

Reviewed on 29 January 2019

ProVista Technologi..

Reviewed by Luke

ProVista Technologies provides quality and reliability service, with a support team that is fast and friendly but they'r... Read More

Reviewed on 12 December 2018


Reviewed by Sandra Lucas

BlessHost is very helpful. They take you through every step of set up and transfer. And you deal with the same person ev... Read More

Reviewed on 22 November 2018

Da Manager

Reviewed by James M from Whogohost

For the past couple of years now we have been using Da-Manager web hosting and it’s been really good their customer serv... Read More

Reviewed on 09 November 2018

Dot Easy Australia

Reviewed by William Wentworth

I am a newbie so I was searching around for someone to host my files and found The process was straight ... Read More

Reviewed on 15 October 2018

Rope Host

Reviewed by Chris from Bolton

i am very satisfied with their web hosting, I have been using them since 1 year and never got any problems ..

Reviewed on 10 October 2018

Exabytes Network

Reviewed by Daniel Chong

I have been with Exabytes around 2 years, my site is doing great with their hosting. Besides that, they provide pretty g... Read More

Reviewed on 05 October 2018

Implux Hosting

Reviewed by Jack Hubbleday

Implux hosting over a brilliant service, their up time and support is second to none and their prices are fair and cheap... Read More

Reviewed on 09 August 2018


Reviewed by Dillon from jonesfee

I have been using HostJunkys for ~3 years now and have had a few domains with them and recently have been using one of t... Read More

Reviewed on 08 August 2018


Reviewed by Alan S from Porn Mantis

Fraud operation. Slow responses from support. No refunds when requested. Re-invoice for already paid services and have n... Read More

Reviewed on 26 July 2018


Reviewed by Daniel Gerdes

iHost is an excellent hoster and offers a superb support. The staff is helpful and quick. Everything perfect

Reviewed on 26 July 2018


Reviewed by Divyanka

I tied with since 4 years no single downtime for me. I recommend them

Reviewed on 23 June 2018

Hale Server

Reviewed by Ivan Gregorivich

Cool Support, I use haleserver as a database for my mobile application "esh7anle (you can find it on the android store" ... Read More

Reviewed on 23 May 2018

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