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Reviewed eUKhost on Monday, December 16, 2013

Great service for the last 6-7 years! I currently have 2 dedicated servers with them, couple of reseller accounts and previously started with just a shared hosting package. Live chat is instant and very very good. Used many other providers and for the UK they standout above all of the ones I have used and dealt with. One thing worth noting is that some people seem to not understand that website issues are NOT just caused by the hosting provider and it is the clients responsibility to resolve website side problems. Overall they have been more than helpful. Only two slip-ups in the past 6-7 years, and nothing major. Even getting a couple of free x-mas gifts from them this year! :). If you have a UK based website and looking for quick support (for hosting NOT your website problems - which are not theirs to solve even though they still do help as much as they can - and domains), need affordable dedicated or shared hosting services I recommend them. There are many hosting companies I do not recommend, which also rip you off. eUKhost have been nothing but a great hosting provider for me for years. What is miss-leading (and also annoys me) is people who do not know about hosting or web design leaving bad reviews based on a hosting company not just providing hosting but not doing website design development and optimizations for them as well! Hosting companies provide hosting ONLY, they are not your web developer and web designer. Hacked website? Chances are YOU did not secure your website and/or CMS correctly.

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