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Reviewed eUKhost on Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I would like to commend all their staff for their performance. Everyone I have dealt with has been outstanding! I wrote this to their consumer relations. I find them V good, v helpful. I am pretty up on servers and tech, but they do notice the small things as well as the big which can make a huge difference. 10/10 from me. I have had some truly Awful hosts that cost much more!

I will give you some back history, I develop games and military simulations. About 4 years ago I got pretty ill age 43 [non smoker/vegetarian etc] and had major heart problems together with other issues. I had a company at the time employing over 25 people working, as techs, designers, programmers, artists etc. I lost all of this and am now on a disability pension. Recently I decided to get back into business as I loved and still do designing games.

This was about 3 months ago, its taken that long for my health to improve enough for me to even consider getting back into things! Over the last 20 years designing games, I have had many hosts [as you can imagine!] Many for years and others who were so awful, it was a couple of months.

I had a terrible time with the US hosting company I was with before you. They had not the slightest conception of customer service. It took them 14 days instead of the 1 - 2 days to build the server and then more time as they messed the IP numbers up. CPanel techs found the issue in the end.

In the 17 years I have been using hosting companies, you are without doubt one of the best I have come across! Every time I had a problem, no matter big or small, tech, billing or just general, your staff have been amazing, always friendly, helpful polite and very easy to deal with. I love that they also [unlike the US hosts I have been with] have a sense of humour!

I would like to commend, Ross [sales] Amber and Victoria [migration] Sheridan, Brad, Fred, Reeve, Alexander, Dan, Diana, and anyone I have forgotten to mention. All staff have been knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and unfailingly polite! They do credit to your company and if this is how you deal with matters and customers you have won a client for a LONG time!

I have rarely found such helpful, service and techs who know their job! A BIG thanks to everyone I have dealt with! You have exceedd all expectations and should be proud of how your company deals with its clients!

WELL DONE TO EVERYONE and thank you for restoring my faith in people and companies who care about their clients. If I was rich I would buy you ALL a Drink! So have a great day and thanks from a very satisfied customer!

Kindest Regards & Thanks - Shaun Wallace

Former VP at Matrix Games Inc
Former CEO of Simtek Ltd
Designer and Producer of over 20 games titles!

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