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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just over a year ago, for reasons which I can’t now recall, I changed my Antivirus supplier to BitDefender. Last month I went through the renewal process with BitDefender, which I found to be clunky and seriously over-complicated. I now find that this renewal was processed through Avangate, who have taken AU$160 in two invoices from my Paypal account for a product which should have cost around AU$60. When I tried to query this with Avangate, they said that this was not their problem and that I should contact BitDefender. I pointed out that since Avangate have taken my money, my contract is with them, but they refused to address this point and when I eventually asked for the contact details for their legal department, simply repeated their stock answer about contacting BitDefender. I have contacted BitDefender and, somewhat predictably, have received no reply at all. Think very carefully before doing business with either of these two companies.

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