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Friday, May 16, 2014

Pros: Fantastic margin reporting and analytics across projects, customers and products
Very strong Project Management and Labor Analysis capabilities
Good Help Desk and Service Contract management functionality
Proactive customer support
Very structured implementation approach that drove industry best practices and user adoption

Cons: Integration with Sage X3 is very strong, but took slightly longer than expected
Initially it was hard to get our executive team to look at PROMYS because it's less well known than the big two PSA's.

Overall: In another life I was a power user of one of the more heavily marketed PSA's, so I'm very familiar with that tool¿s capabilities. We did a very deep dive evaluating PROMYS compared to several other solutions. It was clear very early in the evaluation, that for a Cisco Gold partner our size, PROMYS was a far better fit than traditional PSA's. PROMYS is significantly stronger from a forecasting & planning perspective and provides far better visibility into mid-project profitability. Margin and profitability reporting are in a completely different class. PROMYS didn't just "win" our PSA evaluation, for a business our size, the traditional PSA's weren't even options any more.

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