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Reviewed UK2 on Friday, May 4, 2012

Very Bad Billing Team Leader. I am Gobsmacked that employ someone who was very tardy to respond and did not grasp the issue nor did she ant to. I bought a Domain and did not receive the usual confirmation email. I contacted Online Tech Support and was told that no such domain was associated with my account. So I went through the Domain Purchase again. Needless to say I was billed twice and the Billing Team Leader refuses to resolve the issue and round the duplicate payment. Nor will they answer my repeated questions like how quickly should I have had the confirmation email in the first instance. Why was a duplicate purchase of the same Domain possible and why was it not picked up. They continually refuse to escalate the issue. Why. I have used for many years and purchased many many Domains but lately I have been getting many emails regarding renewals over and over again, now this. I feel they have a problem in their billing and sure they have a very very poor Team Leader in the Billing Dept

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