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Reviewed Hostripples on Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I felt compelled to write this report-(it was the very least I could do for the service and support they have just given me.) I'm a newbie in the world of web hosting and this was my first experience of pointing domains to my hostripplkes account etc. I had a problem logging into my hostripples cpanel, I tried everything and after searching the net for answers to no avail I was at my wits end and I decided to use hosripples online chat. I was a bit embarrassed at first about possibly locking myself out of my cpanel account but the chat host was more than polite, helpful and patient and didn't rush or confuse me with jargon(in fact she told me to take my time). She went through all the details, double checking my details etc and it turned out I had entered the wrong password(which she quickly fixed) but when I still couldn't get access to my cpanel and she went to the extent of taking remote access to my pc and fixing the firewalls(what ever that means..) and anything else that was preventing me from logging in. The hostripples chat host must have been on for almost an HOUR, pulled out all the stops and went the extra mile to successfully help solve my problem as well as answering the many questions I had along the way. The advice,help and education I received was worth the (already cheap) hosting fee alone ! I have 100% confidence in this company and you should too.. I couldn't thank the hostripples chat member enough-What ever they pay her its not enough !!

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