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Reviewed Hostripples on Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We have used 5 hosting provider in 4 years and one day we received a email with a ad saying "best web experience with affordable prices" and we at first laughed. We had hear this from the previous 4 hosting providers and thought it was just another B.S. email. So life went on with our usual 70% up time at best providers and lots of email and lots of issues. One day we finely got a paying client and all was good for 3 days and then the hosting provider got hacked and we were down on all 10 domains and 3 servers. So, after learning some new four letter words from our former client and 2 years of work and 2000 photos gone we took our back up and called Hostripples.
That was over a year ago and they have done more to help us than any other hosting provider we have ever used. Any time we need them to help us they are there. Last year when all the wordpress sites got hit and we had issues they provided protection and a back up for us till we were able to fix our code. What provider would do that for you and not ask for money. All I can say is that they are the best of the best and the lowest price out there. With thousands of recipes and hundreds of users we feel that Hostripples is the #1 web hosting provider for the price.
You do not need to take anything I say for true, but with our google app and recipe sites never down and always ready for new customers our hosting provider is key to our money. I promise you that if you use them you will be happy with the level of service and what they know how to do. As some of you know my wife and I are very popular chefs in both USA and Thailand. We needed a hosting provider that listen to our issues and would help. I can not tell you how many times we have had a issue that we caused and they have fixed it for us with out asking for and money. They are the best provider we have ever used...Thanks to Hostripples we are making money and never down again. We think they have the X-men working for them!

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