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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Host Papa has gotten quite large over the last 10 years, however, it has maintained a small company environment, meaning it still feels like you are talking to a friend that can seek a speedy resolution to any problem. This should remain!

Plus I will tell you this, I have been suffering for a VERY long term(20yrs) and as it's "NEW" to the medical profession, some doctors say it's in men's heads. I've ridden dirt bikes since I was in grade school. I've cracked/bruised ribs and put my head off to one side by about 2 inches in a small and simple accident. It took about a year to get my head straight and my muscles all more or less back in order. One trap muscle is still higher than the other. Sorry the POINT, I know pain...morphine levels of PAIN! The CP-CPPS (chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome) has left me homeless and in a ditch...yes legal action is under way as I am an M/F IT-Consultant, but was working for a large multinational, who would not give me long term disability and their hired doc (who never even saw me), told them it was psychological! I was the poster child of the last research study, where some are as young as 15 (pre-sexual activity), mine started slightly later! WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS !!?

Once Host Papa heard this they renewed my account at a GREATLY discounted rate so that I could at least further my Net_Dev education. I WAS FLOORED AND STUNNED as $20/day does not go far. THUS, I move ahead with a tear rolling down my cheek, this time not from pain but from human compassion. This is NOT the exception but the rule...try that with Rogers or Bell!

Joe Riverdale (alias) – YorkWebDev.com (Blank for NOW :) !)

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