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Reviewed UK2 on Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm a happy UK2-customer and I have been one since May, 2011. While some hosts are lousy, their support is literally non-existant and their prices are high - UK2 is different. Ever since I came to UK2 I have had awesome support, low prices and feel that there are people backing you up if you were to face a problem. The network is good and provides good latency & ping around in Europe. I find their prices to be near the best in the UK and when they have such a low price, they do not leave support & service behind. The company is, literally outstanding both in support, connectivity and professionalism.

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Reviewed UK2 on Thursday, June 7, 2012

UK2 is the best host I've been with, good support times, support knows what's wrong pretty fast and they fix the issue pretty fast too. I'm a dedicated server customer and I also have a Business webhosting-package from UK2 aswell, I've had extremely good uptime on both, the dedicated server has been running for 81 days without a restart and hasn't lost connectivity to the internet once, the website is also very good. All in all, a good company where you get what you pay for. Recommended!

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