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Friday, August 22, 2014

I run a not-for-profit site dedicated to offering meditative content. Therefore, I wanted a trouble-free hosting company that offered the most for the least. And I found Host Papa. This is the best web hosting company by far. They take care of my domain registration, they offer a lot of important features at a very low price, and yet you get almost 100% availability, unlimited bandwidth, huge storage space, and full integration with Dreamweaver, which is very convenient for me. I design my own content and interface, and it is instantly synchronized with Host Papa without a glitch. I have never had any problems whatsoever. Also, I use their secure services which happened to be very effective last year, as they detected an infected site that one of my outgoing links was pointing to. Safety for me and safety for my visitors. True peace of mind! And their control panel provides all the statistics you could ever dream of. I am in my 3rd year with Host Papa, and I am very very happy with them! I highly recommend Host Papa. It really is the best bang for the buck.

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