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Review written for HostForLife on Friday, August 29, 2014

I wouldn't touch their 'services' again if I was paid! Perhaps I just had an unlucky experience. I don't think so though. Upon receiving constant error 500 messages, their answer to the problem was that WE should revert back to a previous version of Joomla! For a moment there, I almost forgot we're paying them for a service!

I must admit, for a long time we had absolutely no issue with them at all. Couldn't fault them. But after they updated their servers back in June, we were thrown into almost 2 entire weeks of downtime. From then on we've encountered these errors, making our site completely unuable.

Admittedly, we updated our version of Joomla back in March, to the latest (and recommended version!) and had no problems. Perhaps we simply did nothing to trigger the error messages, I honestly don't know. In response to a follow up ticket almost 24 hours after getting nowhere, they turned round and said I should not have updated my software on my own site without seeking their permission first! Priceless! Perhaps that was badly worded. I will always make allowances if possible. So we'll give that help desk person the benefit of the doubt....he did then go on to blame Joomla, along with error on our parts and claiming I cannot just point the finger at them when my site is down - my site was NOT down at all, and I did not at any time claim it was! It was unusable due to the errors though. We were unable to access our main control panel. So, to cut a long story short, we received not just lack of support, but a barrage of abuse in the process.....not a company I would give my business or recommend to others, I'm afraid. I don't like writing bad reviews, and very rarely do so, but in this case, it merits it

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