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Reviewed Cloud Next Ltd on Friday, August 31, 2012

I also think Cloud Next is a suspicious company. I've had a VPS with them for over a year - it just isn't reliable enough for my needs. Their customer support is very quick indeed, but they never say anything that is actually useful. They just try to delegate the question, give a half answer, just enough so they can say "we responded" but whether or not its useful is another question!

Their hosting is very low quality, sometimes the disks can't be accessed (or at very slow speeds, so I assume the VPS are overloaded), other times it just crashes and it says in the control panel that the status of the server is "Unknown" and a reboot doesn't get it back online.

So overall try to avoid using cloud next. I have used probably over 10 hosting companies in my lifetime and I have worked as a database engineer my entire life, comparing from what I've seen I would avoid cloud next.

I hope this review is of use to anyone reading it.

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