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Reviewed Cloud Next Ltd on Monday, September 1, 2014

Appalling. Avoid these cowboys.

I could list the long list of technical issues that I've experienced over the last year or so with Cloudnext hosting team, but I've wasted enough of my life going to and fro to pick apart their vague technical explanations as to why the hosting fails so regularly.

On one occasion, my whole website (which was a live, working shopping cart website) was reset to a default installation page, which the tech support pretty much said was "one of those things" and took no responsibility, even though admitting to one of the UK server hosting environments being restarted around the exact same time.
Strangely it was up and running moments after I sent the email wondering what the hell was going on and bringing it to their attention.

I've never had as much downtime or as many technical issues with any provider, and am moving to another host as soon as possible after the ridiculous treatment and useless "ticket only" support.

Since writing this review, it seems that they have also put up their prices by 30%!! billed automatically. They claim that this is fair, because they put a small mention of it in what looks like fine print on an email 6 months ago, with no other mention of massive price hikes anywhere in any other correspondence.

Having worked in a customer service role, and an IT support role in separate companies with a GOOD reputation for phone support and customer service, I find it even more insulting that they basically knocked back any responsibility and said I was emailed about it so I had plenty of warning. After trying to get my claim escalated past a customer service person, I was told to send in a letter.

Appalling customer service, and left a very unpleasant taste in my mouth having to deal with such a low calibre of company.


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