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Friday, September 7, 2012

Reading a review that waxes lyrical about a company or product always makes me suspicious - I immediately think the owners son in law is doing the posting. I'm not married to anyone related to Relentless, but their service was so fantastic I wouldn't mind marrying the company.

Maybe it was the classic case of an appalling previous relationship that has made me fall head over heels with this great hosting company. You my previous hosts were so bad I wanted to give up on the internet and go live in a cave.

But Relentless coaxed me back from the wild. Andrew, who was my level 3 customer care person - yeah they have levels - actually set everything up for me, including getting my EPP from my previous host - which, based on their appalling customer service, wouldn't have been easy.

Relentless also transferred all my files, the domain registration, and set up a hosting package and the site was up within the hour.

Incredible service by any standard. Add to this a simple and tasteful website, no hot pink flashing banners or crowded "special offer stars" in sight - and you have the perfect web host. Their prices are really competitive too.

Truly the best web host I've come across, if only I was single!

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