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Reviewed VPS6.NET on Thursday, September 25, 2014

Do not ever make the mistake of considering this company for hosting, if your sites and data have any importance at all to you. I was a long time customer of several years, and in the last 2 our VPS went down a total of 14 times, sometimes twice in the same month for days on end.

Each time Tech Support, which is outsourced to India, tried to solve the problem they received absolutely no cooperation from management resulting in hours of waiting with no response as none could be given. The VPS would be down for days at a time with nothing being done because management was either absolutely unbothered about or actually too brain dead to understand how to solve the problems they had with the data centre they were currently using at that particular time. I say this because they kept changing data centers every few months because they kept being booted off by their current service provider.

After all the chaos, their Service Level Agreement, promises a refund based on the downtime experienced. It's all lies! The instant we tried to claim the refund, we were told that nothing would be done about it and if we decided to make a charge back complaint with our bank they would cancel our account effective immediately which they did do without a second thought.

Ron who was their Director was actually fired from the company for being a useless and lazy manager and has been replaced by people of the same caliber.

They do not care about their customers, they even had to increase their fees due to the amount of charge backs they received from irate customers. Do not feed these thieves. They once were one of the best VPS providers in the business, but they've become lazy and work more like thugs.


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