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Reviewed VPS6.NET on Thursday, September 13, 2012

VPS6.NET is one of the few providers that I have had an exceptionally good experience with. I'm so glad I've decided to give my business to them. Their nodes feel rock solid, with fast and reliable network connectivity and to complement it all up, they are really a customer support oriented company.

I have to admit that I've pushed them really far by putting some pressure on their customer support. I have made all kinds of questions, I have pretended that I don't like their service; I have insinuated that I have no trust in their programs. Honestly speaking, I've tried to be a pain, literally. During different interactions with different customer support representatives, I have always received the same high quality and exceptional support (yes; even when trying hard to be a painful customer to deal with). Having had multiple interactions with different employees and each time receiving good support and polite answers, to me, that speaks for itself. I've abandoned the idea of keeping on trying to be a 'pain' because these guys are honest men and women working hard for their money and certainly showing appreciation and care for their customers. If there were a 10 star rate VPS6.NET and its customer support would be it.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I took all my previous frustration with other providers up with them. They've been so good that I felt guilty at times, guys! I recommend anyone I know to consider them when looking for an honest VPS hosting provider. They are a win-win solution for customers at its fullest; competitive prices, rock solid infrastructure, great network speed and connectivity and the best customer support money can buy on monthly basis. I don't even know how they do it but they do deliver their commitments. You guys at VPS6.NET rock!

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