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Reviewed xln telecom on Thursday, January 31, 2019

v suspicious practices at XLN. My monthly bill for my small business crept up from £45/month to more than £90 monthly by stealth (landline and broadband). Never a word from them until I discovered the higher charges when reviewing our accounts and I decided to cut over to a new provider. Then I get the calls from their retention team. Plainly, we had been taken advantage of and I would not be swayed back . Suddenly, days before the switch is supposed to happen, our landline develops a fault - they will need to send an engineer and it will take up to three days. Small business owners beware!

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Reviewed Wishpond on Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I posted an earlier review expressing my disappointment with wishpond support. Since this, wishpond has reached out to me personally and they have graciously refunded me. I would like to thank them for this. If my future needs could take advantage of functionality that they offer (their platform is compelling and certainly has its merits) I will include them in my shortlist. This four-star rating is for their professionalism and customer care.

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Reviewed Wishpond on Friday, October 24, 2014

v disappointed with this company - but perhaps it's my fault for not performing sufficient due diligence. Otherwise I might have discovered the raft of other negative reviews.
I signed up for the monthly plan. I immediately encountered bugs when trying to use the functionality. Requested Support. Was assured by the 'very nice sales person' that my request would be treated with priority. Then, radio silence (their Helpdesk doesn't have an automated ticketing system which is mystifying for a company that boasts of their talents in email campaigns).
Meanwhile, their Finance Dept was very prompt at taking my payment. I wish their IT Dept was equally adept and conscientious.
I have requested a full refund from the 'very nice sales person' (after 48 hours of trying to get anywhere with minimal results). Instead, I get automated email messages inviting me to VIP workshops of solutions tailored to my specific requirements.
My specific requirement is acknowledgement of my request to terminate my plan and be refunded. But, nothing. Not a word. No reply.

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