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Reviewed 123-reg on Thursday, October 30, 2014

I have two domains registered with domain registrar for community websites which serve the table tennis community in and around Dorset and also get a lot of hits from other places mostly people visiting Dorset and who wish to find information to play table tennis. These two domains have now been suspended by 123-reg having failed validation as per the message displayed from the whois search on nominet. I had initially reported this issue around September 25th 2014 without a proper resolution. The first line support didn't even bothered to raise a support issue. That was the time when I contacted Nominet when I was suggested to contact 123-reg again and also was suggested to move domains to a different registrar.

As a second attempt I contacted 123-reg again on the 8th of October and having insisted issued a support ticket and subsequently closed the ticket saying the issue has been resolved. All this time I have been receiving emails from Webfusion asking me to click a link and validate my details (only Name). I did that several times but not sure why it has not validated.

Last week I had realised that my domains have been suspended pending validation from webfusion. I had contacted them again on the 27th October 2014 and they issued another support ticket and said the issue will be resolved within 24 hours. I had contacted them again on the 28th October and wanted to talk to a manager and I was denied the opportunity. In spite of several updates on the ticket they neither resolved the issue nor escalated the issue to a manager. They haven't even provided information about what the problem was and when it will be resolved.

I had updated the call with several messages asking for information and escalation but fell on deaf ears. I think this registrar is scandalous. The one thing they do very promptly and I repeat very promptly was to nick money on time when the domains due for renewal. Apart from that they clearly lack in customer support and issue resolution. I really don't care what and how they do but I need the issue be resolved quickly as I feel the registrar has let the community down by not resolving the issue quickly.

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