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Reviewed PlanetHoster on Monday, November 12, 2012

These guys are professionals and very polite people. I moved to them from another web hosting company and asked for their help. They did not ask for any additional fees and helped me. I must add that they replied to me really fast - within 10 minutes before I signed up with them. Nothing changed once I became their client. They have a common control panel for their web hosting account and I have managed to setup my emails. Their prices are not high. They are under $10 per month and that is what I had been looking for. For such quality they provide I have to say that the price is fair. I'm getting notifications quite often regarding their upgrades and updates and that always means for me that they care about me. My site has not had any downtime. None of my emails have been lost. I'm having a really good experience with this web host. I'm getting a good service and I believe it's worth it. I'm a happy person right now. I do recommend!

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