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Reviewed Namesco on Monday, November 19, 2012

I had my website hosted with Namesco for several years. I was very happy with the competitively priced service compared to the hosting we were using. The customer service was second to none. I called them up and spoke to someone who knew what they were talking about straight away. Opened a support ticket in business hours and got an answer back in an hour. More recently the prices have gone up and the service levels have gone down. Now you spend half an hour on hold to speak to someone who can't help and support tickets take over a day to even get replied to. They offer a lot of cheap prices for taking out hosting with them i.e. 50% off. But then when it comes to renewal times the prices jump up more than that 50%. I eventually moved my site to another host who were both cheaper and much quicker to deal with support issues, even though they were located in the US.

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