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Reviewed WebHost.uk on Friday, August 26, 2011

Absolutely terrible, worst hosting company we have ever used. We paid for a years ecommerce hosting in June. I should have known when it took them four days to sort out the dns, from there it just got worse. The site kept going offline and all tech support could say was "check your network, the site is up" Not when colleagues and customers from all over the UK and USA were telling me it was down.

Then scripts stopped working, our search.asp took the site offline for half an hour when anyone used it. Then we were told not to run an update script that has run on thousands of servers worldwide because it was "putting an abnormal load on the server" The final straw came the other day when our gbaselister.asp script stopped working and while I was talking to them about it in their live chat, the site lost a weeks orders, I downloaded the database and it had been noticeably altered from the backup I had taken an hour earlier.

All the staff have very British sounding names but one conversation with them and the broken English stands out. I don't care where people hail from, I just want them to do their job so why the subterfuge?

Get your hosting from these people at your peril, it's ok having someone there 24/7, not so good when they know nowt!

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