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Reviewed Signpost on Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My company signed up for Signpost's services for one year. This fall as the date of the expiration for their service approached (December 14) my office received emails reminding me that all I needed to do to cancel my subscription would be to "phone or email 48 hours prior to the cancelation". Which I did.

I even spoke with a representative - well in advance of 12/14 - about my desire to cancel. Orion sent SEVERAL emails to Support stating our desire to cancel the subscription.

Lo and behold - when I checked my AMEX account in January - Signpost had deducted two charges for $199 each. I contacted AMEX and disputed the charges and AMEX - to their credit - removed them.

Today - 2/17/15 - I received a message from AMEX that Signpost disputed my dispute claiming somewhere in the fine print of their contract with me I had not done "enough" to cancel my subscription.

Clearly, their business ethics are suspect.

They send their customers notices indicating that the ONLY thing that needs to be done to cancel a subscription is to contact them by "phone OR email". One of their employees in Support even emailed that she had received my Cancelation Request.

However, apparently, Signpost has to admit that they will accept your request for it to be valid. Such is the ethics of this company. They intend to rebill AMEX. AMEX feels compelled to pay it. Due to unethical legalese.

I have no intention of ever using this service again, and I intend to write unkindly about them whenever possible.

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