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Reviewed UK Servers on Monday, January 8, 2018

Great guys, extremely impressed.

We have ran on cloud infrastructure for for our shared hosting products for years, and always found performance to be unpredictable.

Now, we have started a migration process of moving our shared hosting clients to dedicated hardware with UK servers - since starting customers have mentioned a huge uplift in performance and stability.

Whilst cloud seems to be the in thing, it really doesn't provide much in terms of redundancy - almost anything that can be achieved on cloud infrastructure can be achieved by dedicated. The difference is, true consistent performance from impeccable hardware.

Hardware aside, each and every member of the team have been an absolute pleasure to deal with making the process of a large scale migration that much painless.

Thanks all.


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Reviewed Smart Hosting on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I normally don't leave reviews, but thought that the guys at Smart were more than deserving of an honest review.

I have been with a number of hosting suppliers spanning the past 9 years as a reseller, including almost all of the 'big players' in the industry. Every single one of these have been hugely disappointing, causing us to move systems time after time. We wanted a business that we could consider a long term partner as opposed to an 'off the shelf' hosting supplier. We have found exactly that with Smart Hosting...

I can genuinely say that these guys walk all over the competition in so many ways.

The performance and security of the cloud systems they run are second to none. The support is absolutely incredible and the cost? Its ridiculously cheap without ANY compromise.

Since moving my clients over to Smart, my three most important clients sites have achieved position 1-5 rankings on Google due to the speed increase. This is incredible and completely unexpected!

To give credit where its due, I have requested additional functionality to increase our offering to our clients, all of which they have gone and implemented for us. I can guarantee that there are NO providers out there that are willing to do this (and in most cases, don't have the knowledge too!).

James has been absolutely outstanding from day one. Every question, query or issue I have fired over to him has been answered within minutes regardless of the time of day. With his help, I feel optimistic that our business is moving forward and I can only say a huge thank you. James has also gone well above and beyond to help with the implementation of new functionality which is amazing.

I know that I will be with Smart Hosting for a long time to come. Its a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that there is finally a company setting a new standard in the industry.

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