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Reviewed Webservio on Monday, April 13, 2015

I was with Infinity/Locknet when they sold off to Webservio. My first question mark with Webservio occurred when they tried to lock me into a year long contract of service that included a proviso at the end of the absurdly long contract that by signing it I was giving them permission to use my web content however they saw fit. I would not sign it, no way, and they dropped it. Things seemed to go okay for around a year until quite suddenly I lost all FTP contact with my domains. Next, my email was cut off from the server. One of my websites with a CMS went down and blank. After nearly tearing my hair out with Webservio tech support (which I was later to learn was just one person: the owner) who were not helping me solve the problem despite days of mails exchanged, I hired two programmers to go into the server and solve the issues. Webservio claimed hackers attacked my website and I needed to upgrade my entire system to stop them, but my programmers said otherwise. Somehow, a port was blocked in my Plesk interface that disallowed all my email from routing to me, and the other programmer learned that Webservio had updated the PHP that crashed my CMS, but Webservio denied having made a single change to the server and insisted it was hackers. I realized then I had to escape these people by any means necessary, and I did, thank God!!! All of this is carefully documented and I welcome any private contacts concerning Webservio. Please mail me at writerworkshops (at) earthlink.net.

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