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Reviewed BHost on Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I ordered a new VPS five days ago. The VPS was set up in minutes and showed up in the VPS manager. I chose an image to install (Debian 6 netinstall) and it was ready after about a minute. No complaints so far. However the VPS IP was unreachable (no ping replies). I first thought it was because I selected a 64 bit image and maybe the server was only capable of 32 bit? However installing a 32 bit version did not resolve the problem. Java Console wasn't working either, so I picked the IP of the console and started a SSH session to that IP. So I finally got into the VPS. First action was to check the networking/interface settings and routes. Those seemed totally normal. Pinging to the outside did however work, but not to anywhere outside the BHost network. This is a serious routing/firewall issue it appears. I created a ticket. Of course I ordered on Friday evening, so I had to wait till Monday for a reply (which is acceptable for the price I am paying). However their reply was just "We are investigating it". Tuesday evening, still unreachable, no new reply from support. Conclusion: BHost is nice for testing/development purposes, but I don't suggest hosting anything for real there.

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