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Reviewed CloudElephant on Monday, January 21, 2013

I started a trial for Cloud Elephant after making the monumental mistake of not backing up one of our new PC's right away. I was being lazy after buying it. When we lost all our data 6 months in, I kicked myself all the way to the web search for services. Cloud Elephant was in the price range I was looking for and had some good reviews. I decided to set up the trial; ultimately ending up subscribing to the service after the trial was over. Cloud Elephant was a bit difficult initially for me, interface wise, but i'm not the most tech savvy person, so I can't fault them for that. Someone with a modicum of experience using this type of service on a regular basis will probably have no problems with it. Fortunately, their customer service rocked. I spoke with them over the phone several times, and they were incredibly patient about walking me through things I didn't understand. Follow up email questions were answered promptly and thoroughly, and actually encouraged me to get in touch with them again if I ran into other issues. The service has not slowed my PC's down in the least. I noticed a few reviews had that issue, but ours all are running great, from the get go. We have 4 PC's/Laptops; one of which is relatively old (at least in the tech world sense- 5 years). But we haven't had any issues there, with the exception of one or two updates we had to make. But that was stuff we probably should have done a long time ago anyways, and only took a very short amount of time to complete. They also let us know right away that we would need to do those updates, so there was no scratching our heads and stumbling around, trying to figure out why things weren't working with that one. Overall, a great service, at a great price, and we would absolutely recommend them if you're looking for a new service provider.

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