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Review written for Function Point on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

As a small agency, making the change to this system was a daunting task. Function Point seemed like it would fit the bill, but I was worried about the learning curve, and what if I didn’t like it after we got into the thick of it? I knew, however, that this should be a good move - we needed to do this before we grow and add more people. The system has everything I need and much I didn’t know I’d want. Setting up was challenging but Jim our FP expert here (and the guy who discovered you) was chomping at the bit to get this going and took total control of setting us up. Between the two of us we really rocked set up which means the system is very Mac-minded. This year was our first full year on the system and everyone here loves it for many different reasons and we are still only scratching the surface of what it can do. Time keeping and invoicing is now a breeze, for me I have started to check everyones weekly time just to be sure everything has been entered, I caught days of missing entries, I had assumed everyone was entering time on a regular basis. It’s like finding money!

Too many reasons to say why I love this system. I know more, save time, can access anywhere-anytime. My key people can access everything if I’m not here. I especially like attaching printing invoices to the job so anyone can access it instead of me going through my files to find it.

On another note, we couldn’t have gotten through all this without the web classes, and Youtube videos. Makes for a wonderful way to learn. Then there are your problem solvers. Every question I have ever had was addressed promptly and explained so I could follow through. I think that is really important. Makes me feel even better just knowing I can get answers when I need them.

Thanks for changing our business for the better!

Why am I writing now? Well, as I opened the program to start my day I realized I’m really on top of this now. It isn't forced “I gotta do this", or remembered “dam-it I forgot to enter...", it’s habit. I’m at a point now where it does what I need and I’m sure I only use the surface. I just assume if I can think it up, I bet it’s already there.

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