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Reviewed on Sunday, October 23, 2011

I had a forum on another web host that was to large to remain on the servers that they offered. I spoke with Web Host UK who said there would be no problems with transferring the website over and they would do it.

I received notice by email from Web Host UK i.e. UK Dedicated Limited that the website was transferred. A quick inspection took place and it looked fine. The website was up and subsequently the other account was closed.

It became apparent that when using the website a lot of its functions were not working correctly. I emailed Web Host UK i.e. UK Dedicated Limited to notify of such and then the weeks of endless back and forth emails started.

Some 5 weeks later one of their tech guys tried an upgrade to the software which left the website vulnerable to hackers and spammers. Within minutes my account was blocked and could not even access my Admin account on the website as it had been took over by some one else.

This website had over 5000 members on and page traffic of plus 2.5 million hits per month and was climbing in Google page rank very quickly. But it was to vulnerable to allow continuing even after I had it checked by another professional.

There is now another scenario that has become apparent in the last couple of days and I will post about this in due course, but If you was thinking that Web Host UK was a good option for you and you was thinking of transferring your websites to them I would think again.

I would not recommend this company, I am not a competitor and this is a genuine post from an aggrieved customer.

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