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Review written for Hostica on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

1, Within a few days of sighing up for a web site with hostica.com I was receiving email from webhost designers to build my site. I know this came from hostica.com because I setup a NEW email address just minutes before I set up the hosting account.
2. Data inflation:
I started to notice in my hostica.com stats area that my hits and data down loads seemed way off. Now my website is not even built yet and I have one index and graphic with no links and a 2nd page with one 2 minute 6MB mp3. For the last week I have been testing the counts and the data flow. And it is extreme! One hit to my MP3 test page from IP address turned into 633 hits and 32.90 MB of data flow.
The techs I have been talking (email) to basically tell me to prove it…

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