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Reviewed UK2 on Thursday, February 4, 2016

The support is very slow.

I am a web designer and I speak to lots of hosting companies.

When you call 1&1, Fasthosts, Namesco, EUKHosts, then you get through to their support team and they can help straightaway with complex issues. With UK2, you always speak to their first line team on the phone and they're very nice, but the issue always has to be dealt with by the second line support team. This then takes ages for them to look into. I get the feeling they are heavily understaffed.

It's not all bad. When everything is working then (like all hosting companies) it's great, Luckily there aren't issues too often.

They used to have a premium telephone number for the support line but they've scrapped that, so that's a big positive. They've updated their control panel to Chi and that's really nice.

I just wish they'd invest in their support department as that's what makes a fantastic hosting company. They've got the potential to be an amazing company, but they're let down by slow support.

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