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Reviewed Signpost on Monday, February 22, 2016

I started a new business recently and don't have any customers. Signpost assured me that they were a marketing and advertising company that could help me generate new leads quickly and that there would be a team of people helping me succeed. After a month of nothing happening with my account I wrote them an email stating that I was sold a service, not software. I paid up front and am 4 months into a 6 month contract that was GUARANTEED 20 new leads a month and I have gotten 0 new leads from them. I told my account manager that I wanted a refund and she said that they were a Customer Relation Management service and not a marketing service. Why would I sign up for CRM when I don't have any customers? After telling her that the salesperson basically lied to me about what they are, her response was essentially "well you're stuck with us for the next 2 months, let's make the most of it."

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