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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Two years back, I was planning to get a website and take my business online. So, I was searching for a good web hosting provider where I can get reliable services. After a thorough research, I finally made my mind to go with VisualWebTechnologies as it appealed to me for its reputation of being the most customer-friendly web host. I already knew from my research that they are definitely the cheapest web hosting providers and their customers are satisfied with their services.

I would say that their services are not only impressive and mind-blowing but also very customer-friendly. Apart from being most economical, their services have some extra-ordinary features which are not found anywhere else.

Highly Economical Pricing Structure - All the web hosting plans offered by VisualWebTechnologies are very economical and within budget of almost everybody. Initially, I purchased a shared hosting plan and later on upgraded to a VPS hosting plan as my website traffic grew and its requirements increased. Then, I found that their economical pricing structure spans all web hosting types.

Here, it’s important to mention that my domain is also registered with VisualWebTechnologies and again I purchased it at cheapest price possible as I had inquired with other domain registrars as well.

Customer-friendly Technical Support - VisualWebTechnologies’s technical customer support system comprises highly competent professionals who know how to handle customer queries with a friendly attitude and provide a solution with utmost urgency. I always had a good experience with the support system and always got instant answers to my queries. The support system connects with customers through phone call, live chatting or email ticketing.

Exceptional Service Features - It needs to be said that VisualWebTechnologies’s services have some very exceptional features that makes VisualWebTechnologies an outstanding web hosting provider.

Advanced Hosting Infrastructure – VisualWebTechnologies upgrades its hosting infrastructure from time to time to incorporate the latest and most advanced technologies in hosting infrastructure.

Fast Website Loading Speed – My website worked at super-fast speeds with VisualWebTechnologies’s web hosting, it’s because they employ SSD caching that accelerates website performance.

Free Value Added Services – Along with my web hosting plan, I got a bundle of free value added services that included an SSL certificate, Email ID, ? 2500 Google AdWords credit, Malware scanning tool and more that helped me very much in easily securing and managing my website.

Best Server Uptime – VisualWebTechnologies provides the best server uptime and I experienced 99.9% server uptime for my website.

Server Security– VisualWebTechnologies protects its servers with best possible measures like DDoS protection and strong firewalls.

I am very satisfied with VisualWebTechnologies’s services and happy that I chose VisualWebTechnologies for hosting my website. I highly recommend VisualWebTechnologies to all those who are searching for a reliable domain registrar or web hosting provider.

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