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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Having used several web hosting providers before now I’m with DailyRazor. I dare say they provide me with better services then I used to have, but still have some moments I want them to improve for me.
Support guys are very fast with their responses and help (but I did not have some serious issues I suppose). And I do understand that is their TOP priority to be as fast as possible.
But sales (or billing) department not that fast. I had the situation when my Credit card expired and payment was not successful I had to wait for about an hour for them to come up with solution for me. Yes they did what I wanted but not that fast as expected.
Their control panel is not custom made. They use Cpanel is 100% easy to use and it is amazing. That is good point because some hosting providers what to be different and start creating their own panels. I do not like this and it was the reason of me moving from them.
Hosting related part: no downtime, fast servers, no email is lost - more then enough for me.
Price: neither high nor low. Fair enough.
Notwithstanding that their sales is not that fast I can recommend DailyRazor.

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