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Reviewed Planet Hippo Internet on Thursday, May 5, 2016

Well, what can I say, Stay Away from this company. All you people that have been using Planet Hippo are in for a shock if you ever require a backup to be restored.. Why you ask? Cause they dont have any backups. I know, that sounds crazy for a modern hosting company but it's the truth. I recently had a customer website fall due to a programming error and when I approached Planet Hippo for a restore I waited on chat for nearly 2 hours only to be told they couldn't get a backup for this particular website.

Wait, it gets better! When I asked for any backup, as I was desperate, they then told me that they don't have or do backups at all! And, that their website states this...

This is frightfully poor for a hosting company, especially one that states this on the front page of their resller website. Don't take my word for it, ask for a backup to be restored to put them to the test!..

2 things will happen,

1. You'll be so bored waiting on the support engineer as their time and respnses are poor for actions they cannot complete (Hoping you'll disconnect first)
2. Then you'll be told they don't have a backup..
Planet Hippo uses remote support engineers which means most of them if not all work from home. Response time is poor and no explanations are given to questions that I asked politely several times.. I'll be moving elsewhere I'm afraid.

I really was happy with this firm until I found this out, and of course right when I needed it them the most...

A quote from their website:
We handle server maintenance, including backups, security, software installations and more, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

Poor, on their part..

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