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Reviewed Signpost on Thursday, November 24, 2016

So, a rep named KEVIN cold calls my business this morning, acts like he knows me to my receptionist to get me on the phone, and then starts his sales pitch. Nope, sorry, that kind of sneaky sales tactic doesn't work with me. I hung up. Then he has the nerve to call back and tell my receptionist that he knows she's not me because she is nice. And that she should start looking for another job. Really?!? You don't know me. Who do you think you are? If you are a phone sales guy, you have to know you will be hung up on. And if you would have been straight up when my business phone was answered, you would have been told in a professional way that we aren't interested... but no. You have to try to be underhanded and deceiving... knowing the owner will likely be in 2 days before Thanksgiving. This is NO way to try to start a partnership with a company. A vindictive call back to my salon shows what kind of people you will be dealing with if you chose to get in bed with Signpost.

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