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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I am extremely satisfied with Your company. The most important thing for
hosting company is extremely efficient and quick support.
The main reason i say this is because I left hostgator after more than
decade of pleasant cooperation, because they gone from the best & quickest
support to almost slowest and worst hosting support on the net.
So i spend last 6 months looking for some other hosting company and by the
pure coincidence in one of skype talks with my friend (one of the best
programer & server administrator i know) i told him about my bad experience
with hostgator, and he told me that he has around 2-3 year of pleasent
experience with Your support & company. At first i thought he was joking
with me, because he had more than 3000 clients on his own Hetzner dedicated
server, but after he explained me that he sold his small hosting company
and start to do some more fulfilling and creative work for himself, that
moment i knew that i found the best hosting company on the net. After this
skype talk, I immediately sign up with You.
So one more time thanks for excellent support.

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