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Reviewed Hypanova on Monday, February 18, 2013

I wrote a scathing review of this company's services when I first took up a server with them, as I had a lot of trouble with communication. There were crossed wires and it seemed all my calls for help were just bouncing back. Hypanova provide Multicraft, and through that panel I could not get help; I did not know there was another channel for support. Hypanova is Sydney-based, but Multicraft does not appear to be, so I was going through the wrong channel. Overall, I did need more info to set things up so I didn't have to yell for help so much. I was pretty mad as things just kept going wrong! But after a bumpy beginning, I've been getting the support I need. There is a bit of a wait for responses but the server has been running smoothly, which is the most important part. I'll be writing another review in a few months' time with an update. Fingers crossed.

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