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Reviewed MilesWeb on Monday, December 3, 2018

I am using milesweb hosting since march 2017,
On 2018 I got several problems as I mentioned on my last negative review, but today I’m writing again positive review due to positive changes has made on milesweb hosting,
What was strange is that milesweb used to be the best hosting I ever used, when I purchased their service, it’s all after I transferred my files from my last hosting which was GoDaddy, and after so many hosting services I already tried in the past, and I found milesweb the best, cause of very critical reasons, first of all, what they are provide on shared hosting looks like high compare to other hosting’s,
I got 5gb physical ram, 200 entry process, 400 concurrent process, on my unlimited plan,
Which I can guarantee you will never get such features on any web hosting in the world on shared hosting,
The price, is cheap and affordable,
The chat option, is not exist on other webhosts, as GoDaddy for example, if you have a problem you don’t need to wait at the phone in several seconds you are already chatting with support which is extremely comfortable,
So definitely I found milesweb the best webhost ever, after so many webhosting’s I tried, and believe me I tried many! All of them paid,
And more something I like to mention is the cPanel,
In GoDaddy and other webhost’s I used at the past, some of features was unavailable, and if you like them to be available you should pay money,
But when I joined milesweb I found those features available right away through the cPanel,
Oh, by the way, lets encrypt are not exit in most of webhosts, they like you to pay for ssl certificate,
So, I can tell you this, all positive things I found on milesweb:
1. Wide cPanel features
2. Server performance
3. Online chat support
4. SSH support though its shared hosting
5. Softaculous! (not installatron or fantastic which provided by many webhosts like GoDaddy for example)
6. Hardware
7. Support representative have advanced knowledge in php, which is very important if you are a developer, I had very bad experience with other web hosting’s in the past when it comes to code problems, you are talking to a person which can help you when your ftp access is denied, or whatever hosting related issues, but when you have a problem with your software, they have no idea what are you talking about and they actually don’t really care!
But on milesweb every single representative I was talking to so far were understand php and SQL codes, which is so important to me,
Yes, I mentioned before on my negative review that they said to me “ask your developer” which I got really angry because of that, and I wrote the negative review,
But they apologized to me and we finally solved all problems together,
If I can mention something, I just want to tell you that most of problems and communication issues between me and milesweb support in the past was just because of misunderstanding,
Finally, I realized, that its all not the server issues, is just under kind of panic and rush, you and the representative cannot understand the problem fast or sometimes cannot understand each other, but in some cases I received some abnormal answers from the support, which lastly, after all emails and harsh words I wrote them about that, they really changed the way for positive answer before jumping into conclusions,
So, I felt lastly, they came back actually to be like they were, before the mess period on 2018,
I think they just got a “hard time”, server changes, and many multitasking’s to improve server’s performance, and service, took them down to carousel with the customers,
But at the end of day, milesweb stays the best hosting.

8. Price, milesweb are cheap, will provide you so many things with such affordable price,
Which is very important,

Basically, I really love their service, even though I had some issues which was makes me mad in the past, but it looks like slowly everything become better, and I feel like there is no reason to live your web hosting just for a small issue you are facing right away,

I had a good experience lastly with two representatives, and good communication, which is, sagar and Priyanka,

Yesterday after migration to the new server I had some small issues, and Priyanka could understand me right away what exactly is my problems, and solved it,

So far, I am okay and hope things will stay good, and we will not face any issues again,

So, if you’re think about to purchase milesweb service, I strongly recommended to get a hosting with milesweb,

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Reviewed MilesWeb on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

milesweb hosting is not what it used to be on 2017, first of all in 2018 they changed my server twice without any notice, okay i understand that they changed servers, then i realised that they changed their servers to amazon s3 or whatever i dont why when i checked their server ip on google it is mentioning about amazon which was never appeared as before, since then, I got a lot a lot a lot... of troubles, and everytime i chatted with them its look like they don't understand what the hell am i talking about, its like i need to explain so clearly and they still don't get me, i am a php developer and i got a reply from them several times "check with your developer" only for a very simple code that is not working cause of their configurations on server, and they are easy to blame me!! and blame my code which working as charm on local computer with xampp, if you are a developer you will have a nightmare with them!!, my website included files names in my language which is not english, mylanguage.php and some photos in mylanguage.jpg which the server all of a sudden have stopped to find because the server cannot find any file named in other language than english!!! i explained to them that with an email, and on chat that this very important that the server will back to work as used to be before, cause its important for SEO that all of my files will stay in my language, the google SEO conditions since 2017 is strike and its helping when your files names including some keywords, its looks like the people there is a different people with the same "names" aarzoo or gaurav was the same names in 2017 but its looks like you are talking to someone else cause they f* amateurs, don't know nothing about what you are talking about, 4 days and still they didn't fixed this problem and i got an email today:


I see the images are working fine for the domain. Kindly update us with exact URL if you are still facing the same problem.

KINDLY UPdate us with the exact domain ??? what the heck ???

i checked the website nothing changed!!!
files cannot be found by the server because you can name it only in english,

its never been like this before, so many codes and scripts that used to work very well !!! is not working anymore !!!,

i also told them that a simple code in php which is :
mysql, for example mysql_connect suddenly before days ago is not reacting anymore, only if i am using mysqli,

i explained to them that most of scripts on 2015 and 2016 are still using mysql, and they have to fix it, its like i am talking to people who don't understands nothing in php!!!

it was different before in 2017, when i needed help they were understand me right away!

i think this is not their own servers they are a contractor or reseller or something i don't know what happen to them,

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Reviewed MilesWeb on Sunday, June 25, 2017

i use to host my websites on many of hosting providers servers, this is my first time in my life i got the whole cake! you pay whatever you pay to all of them but they are always taking something from us, for example in cpanel there is missing options etc, but milesweb are giving you all options 100% of cPanel is available in there hosting! this serer is the best in the world no doubt!

1. your'e getting full cPanel options,
2. if you need help they are there in one click chat
right away ! no phone calls, no waiting,

3. cheap price compare to what you get,
4. they are providing you SSH even if you have shared hosting, thats very rare, no one doing it except very expansive hosting providers,

5. milesweb have 3 data centers in the exact places of the world for ultimate pings and speed,

6. if you decided to change the data center they will do it for you for free, unlike my previews hosting which i dont want to remind their name, they was asking 50 dollars for data center transfer,

7. these guys are professionals, for my own expierience with other hostings i always got a lot of problem which they couldnt help me till i was desperate and i gave up, i decided to search in google , not in milesweb these guys are real professionals

8. very very very! easy and beautiful cpanel and user interface in theire hosting

actually i can keep the whole night,

but ill stop here with two words, anything else useless,


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Reviewed MilesWeb on Monday, March 20, 2017

milesweb is the best hosting in the world, compare to the cheap price you get an extra on extra service, pro support and i could say.. personal support!, massive cpanel with all you need and strong server, a dream of any web developer or hoster.. very recommended host milesweb !

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