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Reviewed eUKhost on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I normally don’t like given bad review to companies as day to day operation of the business can be challenging. But I have been in development for over 15 years and have develop numerous websites and host with so many providers, from reseller hosting to ordinary hosting with service provider. This company is the worst I have never seen. The support staff are unprofessional and they rarely know what to do. During my junior development career I work in application support. The key to any support is to understand the product you are supporting as well as company operational activities.

I registered 2 reseller hosting packages and 2 domains with them and wanted to transfer my existing customers from various providers to them because of cost and convenience. Before I buy the packages with them I went through extensive conversation with them through their support online chat. What I got from them was bunch of lies. They told me that they will apply discount while I was purchasing the packages. They encourage me to go through the process and they ask me to provide the Trans ID so that they can apply discount, which I did. Until when I finished I saw that I was charged the full amount. They then told me I can claim that later on, which there no was given path way to do this. As If that is not bad enough, they promised me that my domains will be life in 30 – 60 minutes. I have been on and off with them for 10 ½ hours only for them to come back and said oh you entered the wrong email address during registration. They ask me to send verification email to email address they provided to me through chat which I did. Further slapping me on my face with frustration they again requested that I have to provide an invoice address while I cannot even login into my account. I forwarded receipt sent to me by PayPal to them still they said they were not happy with that because they are looking for a number which they did not tell me were to find that. Then I call them directly. Only when I threaten to report them to trading standards for possible fraud investigation did they finally said to me is all ok we have verified it now without any explanation.

If all that was not bad enough, my servers are not running. Changing even my password was a nightmare. I have lost ½ of my customers for this because they believe I lied to them. Up to now no head way.

I am warning everyone to keep away from this company. The support staff are ill-informed about their services, lies and deceit are horrendous. Their down time is the worst I have never seen. Do not sell services that you cannot provide. They should be brought to book by trading standards. Absolute fraud.

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