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Reviewed Signpost on Friday, May 12, 2017

This company forces you to call them to cancel your subscription with them. I spent an hour on the phone with them, explaining why their product didn't fit my needs and that I'm done with them and want to cancel.

They do not tell you in the account when the renewal date is. If you speak with them, they will tell you in an email. But they do not give you this information without speaking to them.

If they charge you for the service, there is no way you can receive a refund. It's "not their policy". It is apparently in their terms and conditions that they offer no refunds. My client was not aware of this policy, however. And now he has paid another $270 for a service he was not using, and will definitely not be using any longer. The only reason he still had the service at all is because he felt coerced into keeping it. I thought it was just his personality being soft. Then I dealt with the aggressive tactics Signpost employs to retain their dissatisfied users. No wonder he felt guilty canceling.

If Signpost has to resort to such methods to keep customers from canceling, something must be terribly wrong with their service. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks it's vastly overpriced for the service they provide. Even that would not bother me nearly as bad if it weren't for the shady business practices and no refund policy.

Worth is determined by ROI. If someone can get enough ROI out of this service to justify the high price tag, more power to them. However, based purely upon the difficulty in dealing with the company and the no refund policy, I recommend customers seeking a CRM stay away from Signpost.

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