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Reviewed Web Hosting UK on Monday, June 26, 2017

I set up a VPS server with WHUK several months ago as a trial and I have not been impressed.

UK servers with support in India
I find the wording and branding of the WHUK website quite misleading. The white, red and blue of the logo and website makes for a very strong British feel. All support is based in India however and I have been unable to find any mention of this on the WHUK website. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this in itself, the company need to highlight this fact, rather than hiding it away (it's very odd that all support staff in India have an English first name).

Inconsistent support times and responsiveness
Sometimes tickets are dealt with helpful and quickly, but most of the time there is a need to keep replying to support because they haven't fixed the issue, they forget to check something obvious, or they didn't do what was asked of them. A quick example - I couldn't access WHM because of an excess of backup files. Support advised that they had removed the files and fixed the problem, but I still couldn't log into WHM because my server hadn't been rebooted - this should have been done automatically, and it shouldn't have required me to attempt to log in again to find that support hadn't fully resolved the issue. The problem was that I couldn't log into WHM, they identified the cause of the problem but didn't actually fix the problem. What was more infuriating was the fact that I then had to reply to three ticket responses asking for the server to be rebooted before it actually was. This was infuriating and completely avoidable.

A week later the same thing happened - no access to WHM and an internal server error. This time it related to the cPanel license. I've never experienced this type of problem in twenty years of hosting websites and no explanation was given as to why the cPanel licensing error occurred.

Payment processing is dire
For some unexplained reason they do not offer Direct Debit or PayPal subscriptions as a payment option. I had to set up some other automated payment to ensure that my monthly invoice was settled on time and it failed three times. Every month I received reminder after reminder followed by demand after demand for an invoice I had specifically set up to be paid automatically. Again this was something that I raised with support and was told several times that the issue was fixed - I still kept receiving email reminders however, which was irritating the first time but just got annoying. Even when billing was working and support had turned email notifications off I still kept receiving reminders.

Poor quality admin area
Although I have nothing against overseas support the level of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes within the hosting admin and support area is quite shocking. It really doesn't instil confidence in a hosting company if they don't even run their copy through a spell checker. This is an example response from tech support:

"I have now remove the backups from location /backup/weekly and now there were ample of disk space free on your server " IP#" but now we are receiving a " License File Expired " error while login into WHM of your server, although cPanel license is assign on your server without any issue you can check and verify the same by going through URL: I am now checking this issue with the cPanel and will let you know once its taken care of, meanwhile your patience are appreciated."

Reviews relate to specific online performance, not the company as a whole
One reason why I chose WHUK was because of the 5 star reviews on this website. However, I have now learned that they ask for a review after each online chat session. From what I can tell the vast majority of reviews on this website actually relate to one-off reviews relating to a specific chat session, not what users think of their hosting experience as a whole.

In summary
I can't recommend WHUK because of the completely random and often highly unprofessional nature of the problems I have encountered with my managed VPS server. Tech support often needs prodding and unnecessary follow up messages, the billing platform is terrible and most of the reviews on here only relate to chat sessions (not the actual business). If the main WHUK website had as many spelling and grammatical errors as the admin area and the emails I have received from support I never would have chosen them to host my websites.

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