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Reviewed Procius on Saturday, July 22, 2017

I was sent a 7 page form to fill out documenting my mate's employment/study history for a new job. Now obviously this is his whole academic and professional career extends six years, so I'm fuzzy on the exact details. Who can remember every country or internship location their friend was in for work/holiday?

I fill everything out and they repeatedly contact me trying to fill in ridiculous details like where my mate was in a specific month five years ago. This goes back and forth for several days, and then they all of a sudden inform me that the seven page form has to be filled out by hand and not typed. They could've easily said this at the beginning saving me some time, but no. They waited until the most inconvenient time, despite multiple opportunities to make the process easy.

Procius simply doesn't treat you like a person with your own life, time, and schedule. They expect you to be waiting at their beck and call if they have questions, and will make no effort whatsoever to make things easier. If you're a company looking for efficiency regarding background checking potential employees, don't use Procius.

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