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Reviewed Earnin on Sunday, July 23, 2017

THE WORST APP EVER DO NOT DOWNLOAD! I am currently dealing with a situation that I am rarely ever in. I found this app and thought it was just great up until last night. Now mind you before I begin this review I have not used my active hours since july 7th because they cut my max pay out which is very annoying. Now we all know how active hours works you upload your time card or it automatically does it for you whatever the case. and when you cash out that money you took is taken ON THE DAY YOU GET PAID! (Pay attention to that sentence there) I cashed out a total of 100 dollars this pay period with Activehours and expected to be taken out of my account on the 24th of this month whch is the day I receive my paycheck. Not only did they charge me 3 day earlier but they over charged me by 15 dollars. My bank account is looking at a negative balance of 108.27. I spotted the mistake right away and contacted them through email. Moving off topic for a bit I have never in my lifeknown a company not to provide their consumers with an active customer service hot line like really? Any way after waiting hours for them to get back to me I am asked to show proof of them charging me early I send in the proof show the overdraft statement. I am then sent an lousy apology and customer service person and shoved to the next idiot to get back to me "Asap as they put it. I have been dealing with this since 3:00am this morning and have had it up to here with their b.s. I am beyond livid and might not be able to make it to an event I had hopes on going to tonight because this sham of a company has the pace of a snail when correcting their mistakes. The flaws in what they told me are a bunch of b.s they know when my payday is and how much I have aken out. Please save yourself the trouble and stay away from this horrid company! You have been warned

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