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Reviewed SaneBox on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

It is probably clear that ministry is a highly communication-dependent profession. It is probably less clear that many pastors manage and maintain literally hundreds of email relationships -- both within and beyond the congregation. In my context, it is not uncommon to receive 75 "respond-able" emails in a day (never mind advertising, e-newsletters, and spam).

As timely responses are often of the essence, sorting and prioritization are a constant need. SaneBox has become an indispensable resource in "separating the wheat from the chaff". Before SaneBox, I would frequently overlook important messages, simply because they were lost in the thicket of the many unimportant ones. SaneBox changed that, right away, and still helps me every day to maintain the communication channels that are critical to the success of my ministry.

With minimal user input, the predictive sorting offered by SaneBox has reduced my inbox stress by 90%, and has saved untold hours and effort of manual review and deletion. I cannot imagine going back to "the way it was."

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