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Reviewed iHostVPS on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I found ihostvps after an exhaustive search of 15 companies. I was absolutely ecstatic to see that they had all of the things I needed, and though their pricing is slightly higher than competitors the advertised Chicago Node, free DDOS protection, and 24/7 service so I figured it was worth it.

It took literally 5 days to get a working windows VPS server with them. We had to reimage windows (two different distributions) twice after the initial image just to get the features of windows working correctly; and then there were 15 hours of updates because their images are as barebones as it gets, not even with service packs. Obviously I contacted support the first day and "Wayne Marshall" was very courteous, explained there had been some mistakes, and I told him I was happy to have found a good host. He asked me to leave a review here on this site of my experience, Im really glad I waited to do that. So after those 5 days of setting up windows over and over I had grown to dislike the service of Wayne Marshall. For someone who asked me to leave a positive review in a support ticket he kept blaming me for the issues. For instance He kept saying I was messing up the imaging because I was using RDP, that I should use VNC instead. Well i had ALWAYS been using VNC, and repeatedly told him so, but he just kept blaming me over and over.

Finally once I got a working windows I installed my software and tried to move on. I run a small gaming server of a 1990's game for 10 of my friends and I to play some nightly games together. Halfway throught he second day of my server working we were hit with incredible latency issues and eventually found out we were being DDOS'd. I brought it to the attention of Wayne Marshall who again just said it was somehow our fault even thought in 3 years of runing this server we have never had DDOS issues. We disconnected RDP, switched all of our sensitive ports to new ones, and were still getting ddos'd. Eventually I just gave up on ihostvps because they offer no DDOS protection even though they advertise that their servers specifically come with it. Come to find out they don't give refunds, even partial refunds, even if youve owned the server a week and 5 days of that was them trying to get windows going.

Do yourself a big favor, steer clear of these guys. They obviously lie about their DDOS protection, their support just blames the user, and their pricing isn't competitive. Good luck I wish you all the best!

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