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Reviewed GTXGaming on Friday, August 25, 2017

I have used this company two years in a row to host a server for Ark. The first time was fine, everything ran mostly smooth. We did have to be changed machines about a month in, and they dont really keep good contact when they are making changes. Their customer server is hopefully the worst in the industrey because if not I am really afraid of what else might be out there and feel sorry for those having to deal with it. Their service talks down to you, repeats the same advice over the course of multiple emails and just keeps asking if I want to change machines again. This year the lag has been terrible, the customer service has gotten even worse, and honestly its my fault for not just looking for other hosts. Luckily I have found another host now and will soon be transferring away from this dial up company to one that other members of my group have used. I dont need to check my mods every 10 minutes guys, I know the mods are good, thats the same excuse you guys give to to explain away your hamster internet. Not to mention for the same set up I will be saving 50 dollars a quarter. Find someone else to host your gaming experience so you may actually enjoy it.

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