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Reviewed Earnin on Monday, September 4, 2017

I've read the horror story reviews and I'm thinking wow...I've never had any issues with them. The only issue I have is that I would love to increase my daily limit and they haven't increased it after I have been with them for months. They always send me the generic response about how to get an increase...which I'm doing but haven't gotten one. Other than the generic response to that question, their customer service has been fantastic. Fast responses and addressed specific concerns. People have to realize that that this is a free service and it costs a company money to do phone support. Anyway. I have a free feature called "lightning speed" enabled and I get my money IMMEDIATELY. Once you upload your timesheet the available funds are usually reflected within an hour for me. The thing with the bank not automatically updating in the app happens to me too. But I figure it's on my bank's end. So I usually just get into the routine of emailing a screenshot of my direct deposit. That verification does take a few hours typically .... But always within the same day. I've never had any issues with feeling like I've been robbed or cheated by this company. They have been solid. I have referred at least 6 Co workers who all use it now too and no one has had the issues I'm seeing here on the reviews. This service does have the potential to be so much better and even more beneficial for people who need it. Traditional payday loans are absolutely ridiculous.

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