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Reviewed Earnin on Monday, September 11, 2017

I will be contacting BBB about you guys as well as my uncle who works with FOX 26 news in Houston Isiah Carey about your company it's so many issues that us consumers need to know before accessing your app and a lot of misleading things as well. Every week it's something new and continuous glitches, crashes, and we entrust you with our banking info and with our funds and you all make so many excuses everyone says different all these unprofessional screenshots for proof, no phone number and communication through social media. No responses for hours, or days. You all have messed over me for the last time and I have been with y'all for almost 3 years giving you business generous tips and all when I have a coworker that I referred who won't even give you guys over a dollar for a tip and I give way over that amount. The nerve of you all to make me suffer the consequences on your mistake how do I close and discontinue my account cause if I'm unable to cash my 300 that is owed to me according to you all I'm done deactivate and close my account. You all have so nerve seriously

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