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Reviewed Earnin on Thursday, October 19, 2017

I have never had one issue with this app. People keep complaining about they are cashing out when they arent asking to, im sure its because they have selected thw option to cash out once their bank balance gets to a certain point. I dont believe for one second this company is stealing. And in regards to active hours taking money before payday, thats because your bank posted your paycheck early and they want to get their money before you spend it. Obviously if you are using this app then you are spending more than you make or arent good at handling your money. Which i admit to fall in that category. So if course they are going to take their money when your paycheck is deposited. Dont believe for a second that they took money before your check was deposited. I do believe they take money before your official payday but many banks post direct deposits as soon as they receive them. If youre not getting overdrafts then dont act like you are. Thats why its taking customer service so long cause im sure you arent able to verify that they caused your account to overdraft. I 100 percent support this company. They are taking a huge risk by lending people money for free.

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